Christmas Decorations with Heart

Christmas decorations are such a personal thing, and each family have their own preferences.  Our Christmas tree is far from the perfectly placed Christmas decoration, instead it’s a history of our lives.  Setting up the Christmas tree with the kids every year is so much fun, looking over past decorations and where they originated from makes for interesting stories and even a few laughs along the way.

I was lucky enough to be given my Mother’s Christmas angels that she had when she was a child, when we had kids.  After every Christmas, they’re wrapped in tissue paper, to keep them safe for years to come.  Then there’s the vintage reindeer that sat under our tree when I grew up, and a beautiful card to lovely to be thrown out at the end of Christmas.

We have hanging decorations crafted by our children, a Santa in his sleigh created by my Mum many years ago – the original reindeer have long gone but now replaced with the New World cardboard reindeer after the kids noticed!

The sweet snowman was given to us by an Aunt, and the Christmas Wreath I made with the kids when we lived on our block of land, growing grapes for wine making.  After we spent the week pruning one year, I gathered some cuttings and made this wreath.  It was a real family affair as we all took part in the pruning and caring for the vines.  This year, a friend invited me to take part in a Christmas fairy making class at Pinehaven Playcentre.  It was a night of challenge, laughs, and meeting new people, and walking away with a lovely Christmas fairy to add to the decorations.

I love that our tree gives us a bit of family history, and so much pleasure!!

So, as you may imagine, our tree is a little eclectic and always makes me smile!

Merry Christmas!