Include Yourself In Photographs!

When our first child was born, my husband would offer to take the odd photograph of us and I would often laugh it off as I didn’t like being photographed.  Plus I enjoyed taking photos of him and our son together.  In fact, I enjoyed capturing relationship photos with family and friends.

When our second child was born, he had basically given up asking me which was no surprise!  I went to put an album together – the only photos of our wee baby and I that had been taken seemed to be a photograph that had been taken half an hour after our youngest was born, and a selfie I took when he was about three months old.  I immediately pulled the camera out and told my husband it was family photo time!

The wonderful selfie – who doesn’t have one of these!

Fortunately for us, there had been the odd family snap taken by friends or family members that had been emailed to us, and of course the zillionth photo taken by grandparents!  I guess the main reason for not being more proactive about being in photographs was because of how blah I considered myself to look at that time.  When I look back on these photos I don’t think I looked that bad after all, just natural which is how our kids are more likely to see me now!   And my husband ?

Really it was about how I felt which clouded my judgement of how I looked.  I am no beauty Queen, or ever have been but I am more than happy to pop into photographs with my family, afterall I am proud of our wee family.   I am not worried if I need a haircut (and trust me, I have a good mop of hair!), or if I have a few bags under my eyes, I am just glad to exist in photographs so that when I put the family photo album together, I actually make a decent appearance, and in years to come we know what we all looked like.  So we make a conscious effort to pass the camera between us now, so when we have holiday snaps we are all in there, and even using the self timer some days!

Yes, it is Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday but were you aware it is also International Family Day on the 15th May?  You hear so many stories of families who only have obscured photographs of their loved ones.  Just relax, you are often your greatest critic, and when the kids or hubby/partner/wife want photographs with you, or want to hire a professional to take some photographs, don’t shy away from it.  Enjoy the moment and be proud to be photographed with the ones you love the most!  And remember to print a few photographs off!!  Or your photo album could look as boring as this blog page!

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