Since arriving in Wellington, I have struggled to grow a good vege garden so when I found a fruit and vege shop along Fergusson Drive that has the majority of their produce from Hawke’s Bay, it left me inspired.  They’ve had a great special on apples recently so we’ve been buying up large, and if living in the country has taught me one thing, it’s to eat seasonal, & what you can’t eat now, either bake or preserve.

Perusing Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage Everyday reciepe book, I found an apple & almond cake recipe.  Realising I didn’t quite have all the ingredients available, a bit of ad-lib was required – hopefully Hugh would have been impressed 😉  Only having one tablespoon of butter, instead of nearly a cup, I added coconut oil instead.  The shortage of caster sugar required an addition of raw sugar which seems to give a bit of a caramel taste anyway.  Living away from convienices while the kids have been young has taught me a few things, one being how to adapt my cooking.  Many friends know my cooking skills were limited to say the least, prior to marrying my husband, so to learn these adaptions has been no easy task!  We’ve eaten some disasters, but have also tasted some rather good surprises!

I must say though, we felt rather lucky eating our delicious apple & almond pie on Sunday, served on a beautiful plate a friend gifted me before we left for Wellington.  It’s always nice to remember friends in different ways when you are on different adventures.